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Malpractice Attorneys for Hunterdon County and Surrounding Areas in New Jersey

Malpractice occurs when a professional acts in a way that is not considered the norm among his or her peers and that action results in physical or financial harm to another person. Usually, malpractice conjures up thoughts of a medical procedure gone wrong, but malpractice happens among dentists and attorneys as well. These cases can be complex and require the services of an attorney familiar with the laws specific to malpractice. Rotolo Karch Law handles the following types of malpractice cases:

Everyone has a certain level of expectation when they retain the services of a professional. Sometimes that expectation is satisfied and other times it is not. Receiving a service that does not meet your expectations does not qualify as malpractice. Dissatisfaction alone is not a valid reason for charging malpractice.

Basis for malpractice claims

In order to have a valid malpractice claim you must prove two things:

  • first that the professional acted in a way that another reasonable professional in his or her field would not have acted; and
  • second that you suffered a significant injury as a result of that action.

Definitions of “reasonable action” and “significant injury” may vary according to the specific laws of the state where the alleged malpractice occurred. These differences, along with the fact that malpractice victims often suffer emotional distress along with their physical or financial hardship, add to the complexity of these cases.

The attorneys at Rotolo Karch Law are familiar with New Jersey laws as they pertain to malpractice cases and are prepared to defend your claim. Our attorneys will investigate and research the facts of your claim in preparation of your case. By comparing the practices of the accused professional with similar practices of others in his or her field, Rotolo Karch Law can advise you whether or not you have a valid claim. If you do, our attorneys will represent you in seeking compensation for the damages you suffered.

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